Biopack a sustainable packaging made with seeds

We need a change in consumption patterns, in the way we dispose of garbage, we have been watching the problem with plastics in the ocean have grown more and more, today plastic accounts for 80% of all trash in the sea, and for any change it is necessary that each do its part, either sorting the trash in the house, avoiding plastic straws, reducing the use of bags or giving preference to products where waste and aggression to the environment are not part of their daily lives.

Thinking how he could do this, the Greek designer George bosnas created a small fully sustainable egg carton / tray, he believes we can do more than recycle, as this process can also be expensive and costly. The box is made of paper pulp, flour, starch and seeds, is very dense and resistant thus preventing eggs from breaking.

The best thing is that after consumption, you can discard it quietly, because it does not need to be recycled, and does not harm the environment, just put the package in a fertile land, water and after 30 days the seeds will have sprouted. The creative product won the Young Balkan Designers 2019: Circular design.