Burger King Campaign in Mexico Makes Fun of US Tourists

A new campaign from Burger King In Mexico decided to promote the brand new sandwich of the menu in the country by a proud bias that goes through a well-known mocking around the world: the stereotype of the tourist from the United States. These unobtrusive and very exhibitionistic citizens tend to be a joke where they go, after all, especially in the Mexican territory whose region of Cancun every year goes through the same parade of drunken "gringos" that have become the subject of countless reality shows.

In “Solid for Mexicans”But the long-awaited time for revenge has come. Created in partnership with We believers, the campaign consists of a series of records of the reaction of this population to eating the new Mango Habanero King, which although in the eyes of Mexicans is a normal sandwich, for American tourists it is … beyond spicy. Check out the commercial, which the agency and the brand guarantees to be 100% true.

Poor tourists. While the locals are not impressed by the spicy character of the dish, Americans seem to reach the limit of what they can consume in terms of "strong food sensations", paying all sorts of other people's shame to overcome the sanduba and not succumb to pain. . And Burger King didn't skimp on making fun: in addition to the main piece, the company also launched a series of quick calls that focus on specific individuals involved in the action.

Laughing at the disgrace of tourists aside, the campaign will run only in Mexico and follows a recent trend of the company in the country to play with some segments of the clientele. That includes the ad series that took photos of sleeping consumers in the network units after snacking their sannduíches.