Duracell commercial made in Brazil introduces girlfriend of the iconic bunny from the pile

THE Duracell This week is making its comeback to commercials for Brazilian television, and to make the play's debut an event the brand did not skimp on the impact. Created by Wieden + Kennedy NYNot only is the video the first in the company's history to be recorded in Brazil, it introduces a new pet, who is none other than the girlfriend of the company's iconic bunny.

At 30 seconds long, the commercial seeks to extol Duracell's longer battery life, which the video now claims are so long-lasting that it allows even the brand bunny to relax without any worries. The arrival of the "bunny" happens at this moment, when at the end of the play the couple is shown relaxing peacefully in the middle of a meditation session in the Ibirapuera's Park. Check out the full ad above.

In addition to the bunny, another important piece of information announced by Duracell in the video is the new look of its batteries, which now have a simpler, more modern design that adheres to the features that have transformed the iconic brand around the globe.

The company's new campaign will start airing today in the programming of Brazilian open TV, but according to the company the commercial should be shown in other territories of Latin America in the coming days and weeks.