Itaú recounts the true story of mother and child in the 2019 edition of the "Read for a Child" campaign

After over the past two years designing space-focused campaigns and the inevitable link to the imagination possibilities of the little ones (as well as cute covers for renowned songs by David Bowie and Aerosmith), The Itaú this year decided to promote the action “Read For A Child” under a more sober look, but not without emotion.

The release of the 2019 edition of the Itaú Social FoundationAfter all, it bets on the tale of a true story to draw attention to the free distribution of children’s books. Created by DPZ & T, the commercial brings the life trajectory of Thompson Vitor and his mother, Rosângela Marinho, who fought against misery to allow the boy to learn to read and later get a scholarship at Farias Brito Educational Organization, passed in 1st place in the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte and finally to study chemistry at University of Rochester, In the USA.

The cool thing is that this time the commercial for “Read For A Child” are two, which retell the story of mother and child from the perspective of each. While “Child Search” shows the dazzle of little Thompson in his early contacts with literature, “Mother’s Search” It focuses on Mother Rosalia’s efforts to enable her child to learn to read through harsh living conditions. You can check both pieces below:

According to the director of institutional marketing at Itaú Eduardo Tracanella, the idea of ​​the campaign by addressing the life of Thompson Vitor and his mother was to show how true is the impact of reading on a child’s life. “It’s another way of proving how vital it is for adults to understand the importance of imagination and access to books for children’s development.” writes the executive in the campaign ad; “In this particular case, hearing and reading stories early on had a definite impact on the future of Thompson and his family, taking him on an incredible path that would not be possible without education. It’s the pillar we’ve been working on since the beginning of the program: cause and effect of reading in a child’s life. ”.

Both videos were produced by Saigon and directed by Vellas in the city of São Paulo, to the sound of a cover of the song Dirty Paws of Of Monsters and Men. In addition to commercials – which should be displayed on network programming Globe – DPZ & T states that in the coming days Itaú should release more related content, including interviews with Thompson Vitor and Rosângela Marinho. There will still be an action within the novel’s plot “Good success” involving the character of Grazi Massafera, which will air this Thursday, October 10th.