Lego lover creates DeLorean miniature from Back to the Future movie

The Danish giant Lego is known for its colorful plug-in blocks, with in their hands the creative possibilities that their small pieces allow are many, as well as the large number of products / lines launched including adult-oriented editions such as the Lego Form and the Lego Technic.

The Technic line is widely used for building more technical models, with blocks and parts more complex than the basic line that include gears and even pulley.

These little pieces are a big help in creativity, mind exercises, and putting your passion for Lego, cars and pop culture, Dave Slater created a very detailed small replica of the DeLorean DMC-12 from the movie “Back to the future“.

Dave used all his creativity to complete the model and create the car parts, for the flow capacitor he used dolls' handpieces, and for the windshield wipers are ninja swords. The replica was very well done, a very detailed work that I like to see, I even wanted to review the films of the franchise.