Research points out that digital advertising should reach the same range as traditional advertising by 2023

A study conducted by the consultancy PwC for the 20th edition of Global Entertainment and Media Survey confirms that the future of advertising is in the digital realm. With data collected in 53 countries, the document points out that corporate investment in advertising and campaigns for the virtual scope should reach US $ 468 billion by the year 2023, finally reaching spending in more traditional markets – which should remain stable. , rising from the current $ 332 billion to a mere $ 333 billion.

“Today's investment in digital advertising represents 30% of the total advertising budget and is expected to reach 50% by 2023” reports PwC partner in Brazil Carlos Giusti in an interview with Medium & Message. The country should faithfully follow the market trend, as the study predicts that spending on digital will go from the current $ 3 billion to $ 6 billion, while the traditional will remain in the $ 7-8 billion range.

And at least in Brazilian lands, the main formats responsible for this “drag” will be podcasts, whose investment should increase 43% each year; online videos, which can see annual growth rates of 27%; and games, which being online or eSports should show an increase of up to 17% in investment.

PwC's research also states that the national media and entertainment market as a whole is expected to expand by as much as 5.5 percent over the next four years, a figure that quietly surpasses the growth forecast set for the global average – which according to the consultancy be 4.3%.