Skittles Commercial for Halloween Shows Teenagers Are the Greatest Horror of Witches

THE Skittles in 2019 is producing a commercial for the Halloween season after five years apart, and the piece that the candy brand decided to invent to promote during the “witch season” is a combination of the most unusual among a retelling of “John and Mary” with the unbearable ridicule that the company seeks to use as disclosure.

That’s because the idea of Witch It basically involves creating a different ending to the eternal fairy tale, imagining a scenario where the witch in order to dine the children would have to deal with a teenager – and to his desperation, he’s quiet about turning to food as long as he has unrestricted access to Skittles. And apparently no witch can handle the crap that is the young contemporary… check out the video in full.

Created by DDB Chicago, the commercial directed by Bjorn Ruhmann has some fun jokes when promoting the slogan “Annoy the Rainbow”. In addition to having again actor Matty Cardarople (which many should now know as the owner of the video rental Stranger Things), the commercial has the unusual moment of making another brand ad that also features a witch frying a little boy after offering him Skittles and, as the play is completely fictitious, making the character ridicule his own “history” brand in advertising.

According to agency creative director Nathaniel Lawlor, the idea was precisely to reverse the myth and make the victim a kind of big bigger villain: “Skittles’ ideas are always rooted in subverting familiar things, making them deliciously unexpected.” writes the executive in the play announcement, where he further adds that the brand carefully “modernized” the witch’s character with items such as velcro sneakers and a metal pot to surprise the audience.