"Star Wars" wins line of Le Creuset kitchen appliances

As Pokémon, "Star Wars" It's a real license to print money. Fans are always after any products that have the brands or references to characters or iconic features of those universes – and that includes kitchen items, of course.

The new line of Le creuset, famous French cookware maker, is rightly inspired by Star Wars. The brand announced the news on its channel on YouTube and in your Twitter, through a video that begins by warning that two timeless classics will be together in an epic and unique adventure.

Among the products is a grill inspired by Han Solo's classic carbonite scene, C3PO, R2D2 and BB8-inspired pans, Death Star and Millennium Falcoon-inspired silicone table cloths and even a custom-made oven with Darth Vader's mask on its cover.

Prices vary. The Han Solo grill will cost $ 450 "symbolic" – in this case, it's a limited edition – while the droid pots will come for $ 30. The most expensive item will be an iron pan with a look inspired by Luke Skywalker's planet Tatooine, which will cost $ 900 (about $ 3,600 in direct conversion).

Star Wars inspired products are not new. George Lucas himself, creator of the saga, became rich during the release of the first films for having all rights to the merchandising of feature films. Recently, the Mattel announced a line from Barbie inspired by cinema. Le Creuset has announced that the special editions will have only four units for sale in the United States.