Survey Finds Most US Audience Doesn't Know Instagram and WhatsApp Belong to Facebook

A new survey of Pew Research Center discovered some curious information: most of the American population does not know that the Facebook, by Mark Zuckerberg, owns the Instagram It's from Whatsapp. The focus of the survey was to find out what respondents knew about the technology industry and cybersecurity.

When asked if Facebook owned Instagram and WhatsApp, only 29% of people said yes. That is, nearly 70% of the population of the United States even knows that these three networks belong to the same group. This is a curious situation, as Facebook has been viewed with insecurity by the population since the scandal of Cambridge Analytica. Apparently, the effects did not extend to the company's two other networks.

On the other hand, it weakens the brand as a whole, and justifies the information released in August that Mark Zuckerberg intended enter Facebook name both on Instagram and WhatsApp, creating this idea of ​​connecting the three platforms. The proposal was for a “from Facebook” on the login page for all apps and the company brand on the app store download page Play Store and AppStore.

In interview with Mashable, Monica Anderson, Pew's associate research director, commented on the results: “We found that even though most adults in the United States use Facebook, they know little about some aspects of Facebook's secondary business. Only around 20% correctly identified Instagram and WhatsApp as Facebook-owned companies, while half were uncertain about the issue. There is little familiarity between company applications. ”.