Volkswagen Company Rebranding

One of the world’s largest auto companies introduced its new ReBrand at its latest show at the Auto Show in Frankfurt, Germany in September. According to the company itself, this is the beginning of a new phase for Volkswagen, with new electric car productions and environmental concerns. Along with the company’s rebranding presentation, the ID.31 electric vehicle was presented to the public.

The 3D effect, adopted in the early 2000s and maintained over the last three rebrandings, was abandoned in this version, which reveals a minimalist, flat design reduced to its main essential elements, the initials V and W inserted in a regular ring, present in the early versions of the logo. Blue remains the predominant color for visual identity. varying shades and alternating with figure and background as appropriate to the project.

Jürgen Stackmann, member of the board of directors and sales manager, marketing Volkswagen’s aftermarket states that “In formulating new content with new products, the brand is undergoing a fundamental transformation toward a carbon neutral future. Now is the right time to make our brand new attitude visible to the outside world. ”

Volkswagen made available in its Newsroom all the details in English about the rebranding. With one of the largest rebranding projects in the automotive industry, present in 154 countries and expected to change change around 70,000 logos at 10,000 dealer and service partner facilities worldwide.

It is interesting to analyze and read the whole project, seeing that the proposal goes far beyond the makeover of the brand and graphic symbol. This rebranding is known as the “new Volkswagen”. Check out some images of the new brand and car ID.31: