With new customization options, Uber announces for November the launch of Comfort mode in Brazil

THE Uber announced on Monday (7) the release date of the sport Comfort in Brazil, which should replace the Select as a luxury travel option in the company's flagship application to standardize the company's language worldwide. Expected to enter the platform on November 21, the category provides for a greater customization of the experience promoted by the app, including adjusting the car temperature and whether or not the passenger wants to talk to the driver.

According to the company, these Comfort-specific features will be available on-screen shortly after the user has requested a category trip and sent to the driver as the passenger selects their preferences. “A lot of people have been through situations like this. You get in the car tired and all you need at that moment is a bit of quiet. ” writes Uber Country Director Claudia Woods in the announcement of the sport.

It is not yet clear how much more expensive the category will be than the normal option in Brazil, but in territories where it has already been introduced the price increase is between 20% and 40%. Along with customization, Comfort should have a larger selection of drivers who can work on these trips, providing for a minimum number of trips and a rating of at least 4.85 stars.